NYC Tech Company

Get Glue serves as a way to bridge TV viewers with official collectibles from such networks as HBO, Showtime and ABC. Their social app became the place for the TV cult elite to gather, catapulting them into a 30-person Tech Company.

Since stickers were their main claim-to-fame, I got the idea to enlarge the stickers onto magnetic backing and have two magnetized walls along the main artery of the space, while in the large bullpen installing gallery track to float magnetic panels for additional stickers to hang. The entire branding system was designed to be highly customizable for a specific network or event.

The project required a quick turn around for Design Development, Building Approval, Construction Administration, Interior Design and Custom Fixtures.

The Process

The office space is located on the 9th floor of an eleven-floor building in the Flatiron District of New York City. The space was heavily worn, the floors and walls especially, and the bullpen divided with cubicles.

The project went through Building Review and a Construction Bid Process, Interior Design, Custom Display Walls & Track Lighting , Construction Administration, and Full Install.

The entire project was submitted to the co-op board for review and approval, and permits were filled for the construction of the new closets, and replacement of the plumbing fixtures. The entire process was completed by CHD, except for the Architectural Stamp and processing of the drawings to the NYC DOB.

The Client, a recent bachelorette, was seeking to bring her love for travel and knowledge together in a space that truly was an unabashed expression of herself. Her book collection along with her collection of antique pieces from around the world helped shaped the overall theme. I wanted to create a space that could be an attractive mix of eclectic decor new and old that would improve as her collections grew.


The original reception area held a massive reception desk with no space for clients to sit. The CEO wanted a space that was casual, comfortable for guests to wait in, and without the preference of a formal reception desk - a definite tech company vibe.


With the space offering tall ceilings, large windows and an open plan, the floors easily were a part of the overall feel and look of the space. The original state of the wood was worn in the customary polyurethane finish of a yellow-orange color, and due to the windows being north-facing they seemed to darken and depress the space. So we stripped, sanded, and sealed the floors in a clear water-based finish, brightening up the space, and highlighting the beauty of the natural wood tones.


The original bullpen was filled with individual cubicles with partial-height walls that cut off a large part of the light to half of the space. The CEO wanted a communal feel, as their previous space was small and intimate allowing the team to form a close working relationship with one another, ultimately adding to the success of the business.

As such, all cubicles and half-height walls, including built-ins were removed, and several white parson desks were arranged within the open space. Custom neon blue plastic wainscot was installed around the perimeter of the bullpen to protect the walls from scuffs and office chairs, while at the same time adding to the overall branding within the space.

meeting rooms

The meeting rooms were drab and lacked the kind of energy the CEO wanted to infuse the spaces with. So everything from the walls to the floors were brightened with a cooler white paint and shades of their logo blue throughout. Custom glass dry-erase boards were installed, avoiding the typical white board, often stained with ink over time. 

lunch room

Previously a library for the prior tenant, the room was transformed into a chill hang space that offered a comforting warmth for the team to relax and recharge. Warm lighting brought in via custom track-lighting fixtures were arranged with moveable tables, warm wood benches, and white modern chairs - all for the ease or rearranging the space for different events.

Claire Hung