my design resolutions for 2019

happy new year!


First week back to work full-time, and three days was just long enough - a good slow start you could say. The holiday season seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. Of course, as we all get back into the swing of things, we’ll find ourselves in cruise-mode and just coast into the next season. But for now, let’s talk about design resolutions for 2019!

As you may or may not know, I am represented by Homepolish, a company that aims to provide great design talent to the masses. To say that I am grateful to be working with them would be an understatement; they have been integral to my recent comeback in the Interior Architecture & Design field. One perk is that they often poll their designers for insightful articles in their online magazine, from which today’s topic was inspired.


So here’s a list of my design resolutions for 2019:

Photo by    Christin Hume    on    Unsplash

1- Communitcate More

Let’s start with the obvious - I need to communicate more! Yes, my biggest design (career) resolution is to become more consistent with my blog posts & communication as a whole.

I was chatting with my Mom recently and she asked me how things are going career-wise; next thing I know I’m telling her about the Homepolish articles I was featured in last year. She was shocked because she had no idea. So to kick off this resolution, I’ll be sending not only more blog posts & updates out regularly, but I’ve added a Press page to my website to share article features from other sources.

Image via    JintuDesigns

Image via JintuDesigns

2- do 3d renderings w/ Watercolor

This year I want to learn how to do 3D renderings for my Clients & my side projects. I’m envisioning a hybrid between digital 3D renderings and watercolor, which will allow me to insert color & emotion into an otherwise drab rendering. Watercoloring will also eliminate the need to do heavy full-color 3D renders, which can take a lot more time to produce. The bonus is I get to dive back into my passion for watercolor, which I haven’t used all that much since college - doh!


3- Do Monochromatic interiors

While I love a good white wall with contrasting elements carefully dispersed across a room; this year I’m looking for Clients who want to take some risks and invest in a color way that will exist in several shades throughout the room. Monochrome is no easy feat, as it can often be difficult to find pieces that are designed well and in the appropriate color, but I’m up for the task - who’s with me?


4- re-design + decorate my loft

I’ve already kicked-off this project with you all in my last post, where I discussed the inspiration for taking down the walls within our loft and going with an open plan. In addition, I’ve already begun procuring furniture for the design overhaul, which is currently being customized - can’t wait to reveal that soon!

Collection Christophe Delcourt  JAZ-console w/ OUD chair

Collection Christophe Delcourt JAZ-console w/ OUD chair

5- Design + make furniture

This is an exciting development that I thought would come later in my career, but it looks like I’ll be starting this year off with a collaboration with a local shop. I can’t reveal much as it’s still in the development phase, but I think the pieces will be a huge hit and can’t wait to bring them to market!

In the meantime, I’m looking at what’s in the market, and finding the details that inspire & excite me.


Do you have any design resolutions this year? Need help with a project? Send me your questions, and I’ll help provide you with some options for your pursuit, right here on the blog.


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