Bushwick Open Studios 2018


Open studios are a great way to gather inspiration and connect with local artists. Bushwick Open Studios, or BOS, is right in my backyard and happens every fall. This year, I’ve collected just a few highlights from the event.


Nils is a friend of artist, William Villalongo - a dear friend of my husband and I whom we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on projects together. Thanks to William, we were able to get in to see Nils studio and what he’s been working on.

Nils work is large scale, often hand carved wood blocks that he’ll use to make prints, typically of punk rock album covers. His work is very intricate, layered, with nods to a time of unrest, revolution, and human desire.


I could easily see his work displayed in large loft-like apartments & homes of edgy New York collectors, who appreciate the subversive cultures over that of the mainstream. Definite conversation pieces, Nils work would be a great addition to a home whose residents love to entertain.

Nils himself is a kind and fun-spirited man with an even toned German accent. He teaches painting at SVA in New York City, and is a vision of the happy artist. You can find his work being shown in galleries in Japan, private collections all over the world, and even within our own public collection at the Brooklyn Museum.

// www.nilskarsten.com //



I didn’t get a chance to meet Shira, but regardless fell immediately in love with her style. Her work is layered and gives the sense of time, emotion, and a kind of relatable introspection. I can’t help but want to stare at the texture and layering, only to try and get a sense of what she was thinking and working through personally.


I could see her work easily displayed in a minimalist abode, where it can be appreciated without the competition of a cluttered interior environment.

// www.shiratoren.com //



Cair was immediately friendly and approached me as I entered her studio. Her warmth was sincere, a display of her comfort with herself and an ease that comes with time spent on this planet. As we exchanged names, she noted that people often mistake her for Claire, as they don’t take care to note the absence of the letter “L” in her name.

Here work immediately spoke to me, as I often find myself drawn to the texture and depth of studied line work and mixed media. Her pieces are large and dominant - a definite mood settles in the room where they’re displayed.

Image via  caircrawford.com

I could easily see her work displayed in a vast variety of interior environments - from Upper East Side homes of old money, to the lofts or offices of young burgeoning professionals looking to start a collection expressive of their boldness.

// www.caircrawford.com //


Today is the last day to hop over to Bushwick and see the recent work of these and other great artists. Maybe I’ll see you there!