Inspiration for Our Loft Re-Design

Our loft currently

Our loft currently


My husband and I have the good fortune of living in a large loft in Brooklyn (approx. 1200 sq ft); one that we came by as early adopters in the industrial area of Bushwick, and in which we met one another. We’ve lived in our loft for over a decade now, and the wear & tear is starting to show. We’ve grown tired of the cheap fixtures and lack of amenities; so we recently decided to re-design the loft to help rejuvenate the space, and project our goals and desires for our next decade in to it.

Let’s pause for a second and talk about how a space can embody one’s desires. We may think that our environment is simply a reflection of how we live, but rarely do we consider it can become a reflection of how we want to live. We may think, “oh I want this because it’s pretty” or because “it makes me happy” but we rarely consider that our space can embody the lifestyle or future we see for ourselves. You see manifestation can go beyond the psycho-spiritual realm of self-discipline, meditation and networking. We can project our desires on to the physical world by creating an environment around ourselves that will support us as we move towards those goals.

Our loft re-design is exactly this, and I plan to take you through every step of the process. So to kick off this series, I’d like to start with the spaces & ideas that are guiding the design at this time.

The Open loft plan

Our loft is basically a square, with a middle row of columns that divides the public and private spaces - meaning bedrooms on one side, and living spaces on the other. We currently have the loft divided by a long wall that ties into the columns and creates three separate bedrooms (floor plans to come in the next post). However, because we live in a loft, there are only windows on one side, and thus two of the three bedrooms are without natural light & air. So we’d like to remove all of the walls and live in an open plan.

You might think that’s nuts; but we are pretty certain we won’t be having kids, and our sensitivity to underlit or dark spaces is driving our need to get as much sunlight & air into the entire space. Of course at the same time we want to organize the space in such a way that we don’t feel a lack of privacy, nor too much exposure + have all the storage we need.

So while we don’t have giant windows (yet), these images give a sense of the over all feel of the open layout of living room & dining/kitchen. Incidentally, we are also considering black floors, since our current floor is an awful yellow-orange polyurethane oak floor.


We see the kitchen & dining as a hybrid, where the prep-island is actually a counter-height dining table. We currently have an island and a separate dining table, but feel that the both items can be combined to declutter, and given the sense of more openness.

source:    Pinterest

source: Pinterest


We also see the use of curtains just around the bedroom, so that we can privatize the space, as well as block light for those mornings we want to sleep in. And since our bedroom will be near the hallway, we are thinking of lining the shared wall with storage to create an additional sound barrier.

source:    Ando Studio

source: Ando Studio


More to come as we begin to dive into the design details, but what do you think so far? Are we crazy to do an open loft plan? Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll be revealing the floor plans & furniture layout!



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