Bold Winter Coats


Winter 2018/2019 edition


Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year now since I’ve been back in the Interior Design & Architecture field. And while part of this year has been spent working on a slew of projects (that I can’t wait to reveal), it’s also been about building my professional style, and thus wardrobe.

As you can imagine, my clients look to me to be a symbol of their hopes and desires for their space or brand. If I can project who I am and my style as a designer through what I wear, they’re going to feel confident I can deliver. But more importantly, I dress for me - it may sound corny, but I always make sure that what I’m wearing is comfortable, easy, 100% representative of my style, and can pair with the bulk of my wardrobe (for that season).

So today I want to share my favorite bold/statement-making 2018 winter coats from around the web, some for harsh weather, while others are for those of you living in more temperate climates. So why bold coats instead of basic coats? Well why not?! I’ve dealt with crippling self-esteem issues for the bulk of my life, most of them resulting in very poor body image, anorexia and perfectionism. I’m thankfully no longer anorexic and my body image has improved, but the perfectionism is a hard one to kick. Which is how my dedication to bold self-expression is helping to heal those tendencies and embolden me to shine - I hope I can encourage you to do the same!





I ended up getting the Weekday Bottle Green long coat, and it’s hands down the best coat purchase I’ve made in a years! With wool as its main material, oversized look and long length I am easily warm yet effortlessly stylish. I’ve also pinned more on my Pinterest page, so check them out:


Curious to know what your favorite coat is and why! Let me know in the comments below. Also stay tuned, as I’ll be doing a round-up of my favorite sweaters for the winter season as well.