Stress: 9 Ways to Let Go of Shit


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If anyone knows about stress, it's me! Opening up a business brings tons of stress, like possible failure that could lead to bankruptcy, or not meeting your clients needs or not being able to pay those who are helping you sustain the business.  So much stress, that if you don't set your boundaries will overcome a person, and drive you insane!  I'm sure we all have work related stress, even family or financial stress, here are a few ways to approach stress:

1. Try to See Things Differently: One reason you could be stressed out about something is because you are obsessing about one aspect of the larger picture. Consider putting yourself in the other person's shoes, before you make any judgments or decide to communicate a response.

2. Use Your Intuition: Sure you can analyze it, use tactics and explain away a behavior or scenario, but what does your gut say? Trusting your instinct about a situation is key. The more you trust your intuition, the more heightened it becomes. Intuition does not come from your brain, it comes from a place of being.

3. Be Willing to See the Positive: I don't believe there are a lot of people out there who are intentionally trying to screw you over.  Most of the time, it's human error or someone else's shit is getting in the way. Be willing to step back and see the things in a positive light.

4. Act From Love: Negative thinking is infectious; it can truly start to alter your cells, affect plants, water and definitely those around you.  Positivity has the same affect, but just the opposite. Try caring about the person or situation you are responding to.  Maybe you will come to understand why it happened in the first place, and be willing to try and mend the situation, nurturing positive change along the way.

5. Learn to Walk Away: Be willing to give things or someone space, and simultaneously do the same for yourself.  Most things will simmer down once the moment has passed, and once they have, you will start to see that it was unnecessary to stress in the first place.

6. Accept that You Simply Can't Control Everything: If you are willing to listen to the universe, receive it's gifts, than letting go and going with the flow of things will provide you with much more happiness and ease than struggling against it in an uphill battle.  Be willing to see when something is not working, and let go of it.

7. Remove Expectations: Expectations are often a recipe for disaster for several reasons. First, it's important not to peg a person or situation - try carrying no judgements. Secondly, you could be projecting a scenario onto a situation that could not be as beneficial as you may think. Trust that everything happens for a reason, you just might not know what the reason is at that time.

8. Be Humble: It's hard to admit when we're wrong or it's easy to point a finger.  I'm a huge fan of Karma, whether you need to clear your Karma, or let Karma take it's course in regards to another person, you'll be happier that you traded in stress for humility and kindness.

9. Put Your Happiness First: I'm not saying be selfish to an unhealthy or malicious extent, but try to expand your moments of happiness into one long lifetime.  Happiness isn't just on the weekends, on vacation or after work, it's when you decide to start living your life differently.

I've seen a lot of people talk about wanting to eliminate stress from their lives, but unwilling to actually change the way they are living.  It's vital that if you want to change anything, that you actually do it differently, period.  So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and try living these principles, I dare you to become a better more happier version of who you are.  You may just get what you've been wanting all along.  But you won't know until you try, right?