Living without Health Insurance


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I was without insurance for about 6 years, pretty much since I left the Architecture industry to teach fitness and kinesiology full time.  I've been thrown off my bike head first on to 2nd Ave, tweaked my knee snowboarding, dealt with sciatica and a busted knee, and suffered through some gnarly flus, colds and allergies.

So how did I make it through without having insurance?     

I exercise, and I exercise correctly.

The investment I made into learning how my body works, what it needs, what it does not need, and how my daily habits can effect me both positively and negatively allowed me to survive without insanely expensive medical treatments and pharmaceuticals.

FIT + FLOW YOGA is the manifestation of a new kind of health care, one that works for less than your insurance premium of $600 + up.  I've used every modality we offer and have found great results for pain relief, healing and overall strength for injury prevention.  Here's how I did it:



Thankfully, I was wearing a helmet, because I just so happened to be going about 12-15 mph when I hit a patch of road bumps that thwarted a piece of my travel KM equipment out of my front basket and into the spokes of my front wheel.  Luckily, I was taking up the whole lane and didn't have to endure any additional injury from cars either pinning me to the parked cars at my right or running me over in general.

I of course had bruised my ego, as a bus stop full of people watched as I horrifically flew over my handle bars scraping the side of my helmet and landing on my right arm and side with the bike laying on top of me like a giant metal comforter.

I immediately got up with a rush of adrenaline to ensure people I was ok and did not need an ambulance. My bike was unridable and I was able to get the cabby behind me to take me all the way back to Brooklyn. During the car ride I realized I had scraped my arm up pretty badly, in addition to finding my entire arm in a state of shock.  I immediately begin stretching and massaging the freaked out muscles and relief ensued.   

For the next few days, I did not rest. I continued to workout, pulling off the KM Barres and getting in both stretch and strength for the muscles.  Within a week, the arm was back to normal and the scrapes I had endured were gone due to the magic of Second Skin Band-Aids. 

Not only did my recovery work due to my diligence in stretching and strengthening, but my body itself was strong and capable of withstanding the impact, like body armor, without further injury to my body. 



Both the sciatica and knee pain had been reoccurring throughout my mid to late twenties, and both most likely sustained during incorrect form on runs and workouts.

The knee pain was pretty simple, I was learning a barre method, and knew that no one had really mentioned the placement or use of the knees in class, and often found myself in hyper-extension at my knees with pain resonating at the knee cap and the tendons behind the knee. 

The sciatica was tricky, but when I started to learn more about anatomy as I sought the care of talented and extremely knowledgable practitioners in Structural Integration, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture.  All these practitioners awakened me to not only my anatomy, but how it connects to every system of my body.  I was so inspired by my time with them, that I began study and research to try and find a simple way to understand the body, so that I could easily teach it to others through movement.  

As for the knee, I researched rehab exercises that would strengthen the muscles that support the knee, and did them regularly as one would do in a physical therapy program.  Within about 9 - 12 days, the knee pain was gone and I was actually able to run for the first time in a long time without any discomfort whatsoever.

Both of these experience allowed me to see that the movement I was repeating in exercise and daily life was hurting me and not helping me. I knew then that I needed to explore movement and feel less restricted by the exercises I was limited to in my teacher training.  I first was able to test them out on my body and quickly became aware of the sensations that were positive and those that were not. This ultimately led me to create The Kinelogica® Method, a comprehensive method that can be applied to any type of movement in which one learns about form and muscle intelligence while exercising. I have since found that the only time I feel the sciatica or knee pain is when I am not exercising enough or regularly, and honestly since that discovery, I rarely even let myself go without exercise for that long anymore.



I love snowboarding and I just so happened to discover it at an older age than those typically on the mountain doing it (at least well, that is).  So with all the injuries I've already endured, I knew that I would have to be really aware and careful.

Well it came to pass on the one day I was getting a one-on-one snowboarding lesson from a pro at Jackson Hole, plus it also had dumped some 12-14 inches of snow and was continuing to do so while I was on the mountain.  My instructor was good, he got me up on one of the more intermediate peaks with skill and ease.  But conditions can make or break the application of this knowledge and experience.  So while traversing down a super powdery section of the mountain, I somehow got the tip of my board lodged in a mound of snow, as I continued to twist my body around, despite my feet and board being stuck and stationary.  A loud pop ensued, yikes!  

I clenched my eyes closed waiting for the pain, but there wasn't any really, so I got up and was able to ride down the rest of the trail.  For the nest three days, I stretched, massaged, heated and treated my injury with Arnica Montana (a homeopathic) and Traumeel, a homeopathic blend with other herbs and good stuff.   

To this day I have yet to feel any issue from this experience, and if there was one thing I noticed about my snowboarding skills, is that the stronger I am the better I am at it. 

I now have Obamacare, but have yet to use it, thankfully!  So keep up your practice, whatever it may be, stay positive, stay active, and keep in mind that your workout serves as more than just a beautifier, but a way to stay healthy and injury free!