Make Your Everday a Workout


Do you sit at a desk? Do you stand all day? Either way you could be doing a much better job at using your muscles.

I'm a huge fan of doing the math:

YOU SLEEP: 7 - 8 hours per day

YOU WORK: 8 - 10 hours per day

YOU PLAY: 8 - 6 hours per day

YOU WORKOUT: 1 hour per day

TOTAL: 24 hours = 1 day

So, we can now see that you are awake for a span of 16 hours in which you are not as active as you would be during a 1-hour workout. That's a lot of time for your body to slouch, crunch, bloat etc.  I believe that your muscles should be active if you are doing anything other than laying down, and imagine how much closer you'd get to your goals if you just utilize your muscles (even just slightly) for 16 hours!

1. Make Sitting A Workout: Sounds crazy but here's how. Simply sit at the edge of your chair with both sit bones directly underneath you.  You must have a lumbar curve present (see pic below), flattening your back will only create back, neck & shoulder pain. Then for the workout, press down and slightly forward into your feet, while pulling your abs gently in to help support your back. Make sure your ribcage is open and your abdomen is elongated. Do this for as long as it does not cause you tension, and as often as you remember.

2. Make Standing A Workout: Ever heard of Mountain Pose in Yoga? If so, you're a step ahead. Mountain Pose is an active standing position in which you press your feet into the floor as you expand upward away from gravity.  Sometimes your arms may be reaching actively upward or down towards the floor, either way, it's more active then how you probably wait for the train. Now for the workout part, whenever you are standing, make sure your hips are even (i.e. not sitting into one hip) and just press down into the floor thru your feet, if you want to activate different parts of your legs and torso, play around with trying to push outward to the edges of your feet or pulling inward from the edges of your feet. Again only do this for as long as you can do it without building tension in your body. And do it as often as you remember!

Your body is a well designed machine, and in many ways it's smarter than you can imagine! One thing I have noticed after years of trying to heal pain & injury as well as sculpt and refine the body aesthetically, is that posture is everything! You're body knows exactly what muscles to go into when you get into the right posture. But unfortunately it's not that easy. We may not no how to find that innate muscular response on our own, and that is why I've created The Kinelogica Method and why our classes have a lower teacher to student ratio. 

If you haven't taken a class with us yet, and have work related postural issues, then we are here to help! It's kind of our thing. 

Keep up the great work! 

With Love,
❤ Claire