Claire Pitches A Tent + Other Ways To Workout While Camping

GO CAMPING: It's a Workout

Hey Guys, I'm actually camping right now! But this funny video was shot last summer for you to enjoy!

Me and camping go way back, and I've always loved it! It's something that is well worth a try if you've never done it before. I have a lot of friends who can't understand why I'd want to be without running water or a proper mattress, and the answer is NATURE!  Sometimes you have to get out of the city, unplug and decompress.

The best camping is canoe camping! Car camping is ok, but cars make it too easy to stay connected to civilization, besides canoeing is a good, fun workout! Here's a list of ways to get your heart racing when you're camping:

1. Canoeing - As I mentioned above, not only do you have to canoe to your site, but you can canoe around to other parts of the lake, day islands or trails.  I've figured out how to row from my whole body, ask me how the next time you see me!

2. Setting Up & Breaking Down Camp - You can probably see by the video that just setting up the tent gets you moving, well same goes for breaking it down.

3. Chopping Wood - Last year, my husband got a gorgeous ax made by Best Made Co., and boy was my heart racing trying to chop some felled wood.  What a workout - lumberjack-style! (makes me feel tough too - just wear gloves, cause you'll get blisters otherwise).

4. Swimming - If the water temperature is just right for you, swimming in the river is a great workout, and if there are too many motor boats where you are, treading water (egg beater-style) is a very challenging workout, especially when have your arms up!

5. Hiking - Some lakes have great day trails you can canoe or even hike to from your camp, as your ranger when checking in!

6. Outdoor Yoga - I like to bring my yoga mat, not only to get my sun salutations on the dock first thing in the morning, but it can double as another great pad to have under your Thermarest and sleeping bag.

But camping is not all work or working out, in fact I am happy to say it's also a lot of awesome chill time with you and nature.  No car horns, no screaming passerby's, no crowded trains, or blaring headphones from 20 people within a 6 foot radius . . . well I think you get the picture.  IT'S FRIGGIN' AWESOME!

So if you haven't watched the video yet, do it!  Maybe it will get you in the woods sooner than later. See you on the flip!